Nonprofit Accounting Basics

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How Nonprofits Can Better Manage Overhead Expenses

Managing a nonprofit organization’s overhead (management and general) expenses is just as important as managing program and fundraising expenses. Most nonprofits would not dispute this statement.

Employee Files

Keep only what you need in an employee's personnel file.

Fiduciary Responsibility - Board Governance for Charitable Non-Profit Organizations

Fiduciary obligations require charitable non-profit organizations to adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards. In every decision made and action taken, a charitable non-profit must:

Understanding Contributed Services

Contributed services are professional services that have been donated by someone outside of your organization with specialized skills — such as those provided by doctors, nurses, lawyers or account

Nonprofit Funding Sources (Donor Types)

Funding comes from a variety of sources for nonprofits. Every nonprofit has a niche and a funding strategy to match.

What Board committees are recommended for a newly formed nonprofit?

Question: I will be forming a new nonprofit organization soon and I am in the process of recruiting the initial Board of Directors and drafting governing documents.

Protocol for Issues Involving Prior Period Checks


A check from a Prior Year (or prior period) has not cleared the cash account (lost, destroyed, etc.).


Accounting Made Easy: 5 Steps to Fast, Easy, and Accurate Bank Reconciliations

One of the more fundamental and important processes in the monthly close is the reconciliation of bank accounts.

What You Need to Know About the 2022 Compliance Supplement

All non-federal government agencies and nonprofit organizations that expend $750,000 or more in direct federal awards and federal awards passed through state agencies in a given fiscal year are req

2022 Nonprofit Symposium Features Virtual and In Person Opportunities