Nonprofit Accounting Basics


Do Your Part for Donors: IRS Substantiation Rules Apply to Contributors

Tax-filing season may have just ended but it’s always a good time to make sure that your organization is following the IRS donation “substantiation rules” so that your benefactors will have the pro

Donor Imposed Restrictions

What are "donor-imposed" restrictions?

FASB116 focuses on the concept of restricted revenue.

Get Smart About Art Donations

Non-cash Contributions

IRS Proposes Implementing a Donee Report Form

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (or “OBRA93”) contained two major provisions affecting charities and their donors by introducing the "substantiation" and "disclosure" requirements.

Pledges Receivable: Explaining the Basics to Your Development Department

Pledges receivable can be a point of conflict between the accounting department and the development or fundraising team.

Split-Interest Agreements

What are "split-interest" ("planned giving") agreements?

Split-interest agreements, also known as planned giving, are contributions that assign the legal rights to certain assets to an NFP

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