Nonprofit Accounting Basics


Do Your Part for Donors: IRS Substantiation Rules Apply to Contributors

Tax-filing season may have just ended but it’s always a good time to make sure that your organization is following the IRS donation “substantiation rules” so that your benefactors will have the pro

Donor Imposed Restrictions

What are "donor-imposed" restrictions?

FASB116 focuses on the concept of restricted revenue.

Get Smart About Art Donations

Non-cash Contributions

IRS Proposes Implementing a Donee Report Form

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (or “OBRA93”) contained two major provisions affecting charities and their donors by introducing the "substantiation" and "disclosure" requirements.

Nonprofit Omission Errors

A study performed by Jeffrey J.

Pledges Receivable: Explaining the Basics to Your Development Department

Pledges receivable can be a point of conflict between the accounting department and the development or fundraising team.

Split-Interest Agreements

What are "split-interest" ("planned giving") agreements?

Split-interest agreements, also known as planned giving, are contributions that assign the legal rights to certain assets to an NFP

Unconditional Promises to Give

What is an unconditional promise to give (pledge)?

FASB116 stipulates that "unconditional promises to give" are to be recorded at the time the NFP receives notification of the promise.

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