Nonprofit Accounting Basics


A Simple, Cost Effective Way to Prevent Fraud

Each year, hundreds of nonprofit organizations are victimized by employee thefts.

Adobe Acrobat Best Practices

The Adobe Acrobat program is widely used in both the nonprofit and for-profit business communities to finalize documents and reports.

Can your board answer “What Is Your Organization Identity?”

What makes you different from another institution? Why are there 5 different gardens? Why 8 different homeless shelters? Why 6 different animal welfare organizations?

Don’t Fall for a Social Engineering Scam

Even the most sophisticated organization can be the target of an online attack scheme known as spear phishing.

Email Best Practices Using Outlook 2010

Email remains an excellent tool to share business content but only if each email is clear, professional, relevant, and appropriate.

Everyday Excel Data Analysis Tips and Techniques

Excel data analysis features are widely used in the nonprofit and for-profit business communities.

Everyday Excel Tips and Techniques for Non-Profit Organizations: Tips 1-4

We all understand that Excel is widely used in both the nonprofit and for-profit business communities.  The importance of this software program cannot be overstated.

Financial Oversight and Fraud

As you are most certainly aware, fraud and more importantly fraud prevention, has become a major concern of anyone charged with financial oversight.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Foreign Filings

Exempt organizations (EOs) may be required to provide information on its activities conducted outside the United States on a number of information forms, including Form 990.  These reporting r

Guidelines to Maintain Information Security

As you work with confidential financial data and personal information performing your daily business tasks, follow these straightforward guidelines to help maintain information security and be a mo

Information Security and Privacy (Part 1)


In the face of increasing risks of cyberattacks and data breaches, associations must take measures to keep their information secure.

Information Security and Privacy (Part 2)

In the past week, you likely have done more than one of the following:

Information Security and Privacy (Part 3)

Summary: The Excel Pivot Table is one of the most widely used data analysis reporting tools.

Microsoft Excel Table Tips for Managing Lists

If your work involves managing data in lists, then the new Excel Table is a “need to know” feature.

Microsoft OneNote: Digital Notetaking

If your work involves taking notes as part of a research process or part of your day-to-day activities and meetings, then the Microsoft OneNote software program can be a wonderful time-management t

Microsoft OneNote: Tips for Notetaking and Collaboration

Much of our work involves taking notes, collecting content, and sharing information as part of day-to-day business activities and meetings.

Present Microsoft Excel charts, graphs, or ranges in Word or PowerPoint

Have you tried to build a presentation in PowerPoint or a report in Word by copying Excel ranges or graphs only to find that the Excel content does not update to your satisfaction?

Presenting Financial Data Using the Right Business Graphic

When presenting financial data, we can use software tools to help enhance the message.

Preventing Fraud Must Still Be a Top Priority During Challenging Times

Like their for-profit counterparts, nonprofits were not spared the complex financial and operational challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Work Reinforces the Need for Appropriate Cybersecurity

The abrupt shift to virtual operations during the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of some nonprofit organizations and resulted in a painful ‘lesson learned’ for others.

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