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Lindsay Dean, CPA
Jun 15, 2021

Like their for-profit counterparts, nonprofits were not spared the complex financial and operational challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many have cut back on programming, reduced staff, or been forced to rely on reserves to survive. At the same time, a transition to virtual work has resulted in drastic changes to operating environments. Despite the resulting pressures, nonprofits must not relax their efforts to protect the organization against risks, including the risk of fraud. In fact, fraud prevention is more critical now than ever before.

Tracey Bible
Jun 1, 2021

What are charity ratings?  Charity ratings are evaluations created by charity watchdog organizations who are also nonprofit entities.  The mission of charity watchdogs is to help donors make informed choices about the charitable organizations they want to support.  Most of these organizations also post helpful resources for donors and nonprofits on their websites.  In addition, charity watchdogs are called “watch dogs” for a reason.  They post warnings about organizations they determine to be poorly governed, wasteful, or inefficient. 

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