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Alliance for Justice
May 9, 2022

Public Disclosure Requirements for Tax-Exempt Organizations | 2022 Edition

“Give me your 990!” What do you have to do when you hear these words? Unfortunately, not every nonprofit knows how to respond to this demand.

This fact sheet describes the federal public disclosure requirements for 501(c) tax-exempt organizations. It is intended to help organizations understand their obligations when they receive requests for information. Aiming to answer frequently asked questions, this guide aims to provide clarity on the process.

A. Michael Gellman
Apr 25, 2022

Nonprofits have only a few touchpoints where a lasting impression can be made in the blink of an eye. These opportunities must be given careful thought so they can be optimized and leveraged before they disappear. The total number of volunteers reported on Page 1, Line 6 of the Form 990 is one of those key touchpoints that most organizations take for granted.

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