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Bhavin Patel
Jul 5, 2022

With the existing Liquidity and Availability disclosures required for non-profit organizations, there is certain qualitative and quantitative information that should be disclosed. The purpose of this disclosure is to show how a non-profit entity can manage its resources to meet needs for cash within one year of the date of the Financial Statements. This information is vital and beneficial for several reasons for an organization. For example, this information aids in portraying the financial health of the organization.

Dawit Negari, CPA, CFE, CGFM, MBA
Jun 20, 2022

Many nonprofits are facing the decision of whether to accept digital assets or miss the chance of substantial donations as digital assets become more popular and easier to access.

Before receiving digital assets as gifts, nonprofits should consider developing policies to accept, account for, and monitor the assets. In deciding to accept digital assets, nonprofit boards may consider the volatility of the assets, related evolving regulations and accounting guidelines, IRS reporting requirements, and skill sets and competencies of management to manage digital assets.

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