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A. Michael Gellman, CPA, CGMA
Jan 23, 2023

Managing a nonprofit organization’s overhead (management and general) expenses is just as important as managing program and fundraising expenses. Most nonprofits would not dispute this statement. However, most organizations tend to put an inordinate focus on managing program and fundraising expenses and ignore or not give equal attention to managing overhead expenses.

Sheila Amo
Dec 19, 2022

Keep only what you need in an employee's personnel file.

Taking the time to properly create and maintain your personnel files will pay off in the long run. You will have all the important documents relating to each employee in one place, easily available when it's time to make decisions on promotions or layoffs, to file tax returns, or to comply with government audits. For termination situations, accurate personnel files can mitigate the impact of legal action to the employer.

What to Keep in a Personnel File

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