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Elizabeth Hamilton Foley
Aug 1, 2022

Selecting and calculating certain ratios and indicators, especially in trend, can tell an organization a lot about many aspects of its financial position, performance, and prospects. There is a myriad to choose from, so thinking carefully about which ratios and indicators best serve your organization’s needs is important. You may want to create a dashboard or cover sheet for your financial report packet that includes these data.

What do you need to pay most attention to?

Jennifer McCahill, CPA
Jul 18, 2022

The implementation of SAS 136 is finally here. After being delayed an additional year during the pandemic, this new standard represents the first significant change to retirement plan audits in the past several years. For organizations subject to an audit of their retirement plan, below are several changes that management is required to adopt for the 2021 plan year audit.

Key Changes

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