Nonprofit Accounting Basics

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Risk Management Plan

The board bears the responsibility for the safety of the organization.

Role in All Volunteer Organizations

Most nonprofits start as all-volunteer organizations (AVO), without a paid staff. The organization operates with the support of its board and maybe additional volunteers.

Cybersecurity Tech Tips for NFPs

MFA Everything

Board Composition, Independence, and Officers

Board Composition

A nonprofit board should be comprised of individuals who have the necessary skills, expertise, and diversity to effectively oversee the organization’s ope

Accounting for Special Events

Summer is over and event season is upon us.

Protecting Your Organization and Federal Funds: The Role of Procurement Policies in Risk Management

Implementing spending requirements protects against the improper use of funds.

2023 Nonprofit Symposium Features Virtual and In Person Opportunities


How to Become a Tax-Exempt Organization

The terms “nonprofit” and “tax-exempt organization” are often used interchangeably.

Term Limits

The purpose of term limits is to provide rejuvenation to the board, eliminate stagnation, and allow the board to evolve as organizational needs evolve.

Contributed Nonfinancial Assets Presentation and Disclosures

New disclosures are required upon implementation of Accounting Standard Update (ASU) 2020-07, which was issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to increase transparency of contrib