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Accounting and Bookkeeping

5 Guidelines for Successful Grants Management

A good grants management process can take some time to develop, but the effort can be worth it.  In this article, you’ll learn some tips and guidelines to help you improve your grants manageme

Accounting for Fundraising Expenses

Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), in Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No.

Accounting for Government Grants: Sample Journal Entries

Following are some examples of journal entries for accounting for government grants.

Proper Accounting for Contributions:

Accounting for Special Events

Many special events, such as dinners, galas, auctions, and walk-a-thons, are organized to raise contributions to support the organization’s activities.

Agency Transactions

What are agency transactions?

Agency transactions occur when one NFP (the agent) raises contributions for another NFP (the recipient).

Allowable Costs

The specific items that can be charged to, and therefore reimbursed from, any grant are based on the specifics of each grant agreement.

Be Careful What You Ask For

This article illustrates how accounting decisions or judgments can affect taxes - on an organization or on its donors, and vice versa.

Budget for Government Grants

When you receive a grant from a governmental agency, it will typically include a program budget.

Charity Auctions: Reporting and Tax Rules

While neither charity auctions nor the various rules governing them are new, we receive numerous questions about them and observe many examples of inadequate auction procedures by both large and sm

Corporate Sponsorships: Do Them Right and Avoid Tax

Exempt organizations, both large and small, are relying more and more on a variety of corporate sponsorships to provide much-needed support for events and programs.

Deferred Revenue

Do Your Part for Donors: IRS Substantiation Rules Apply to Contributors

Tax-filing season may have just ended but it’s always a good time to make sure that your organization is following the IRS donation “substantiation rules” so that your benefactors will have the pro

Donor Imposed Restrictions

What are "donor-imposed" restrictions?

FASB116 focuses on the concept of restricted revenue.

Exchange Transactions

Factors that may indicate an exchange transaction:

Often it is difficult to distinguish between a contribution and an exchange transaction, the following factors are indicative of an exchan

Get Smart About Art Donations

Non-cash Contributions

Government Grants

Government grants are a common method for non-for-profit (NFP) organizations to obtain funding.

How to Run a Successful Capital Campaign

To launch a capital campaign is a major decision for any nonprofit. Capital campaigns are not for all organizations. Those who decide to start one must ensure:

Improving Communication Between the Accounting and Development Department

In this article, we will take a closer look at ways to improve communication specifically between the accounting and development departments.

IRS Proposes Implementing a Donee Report Form

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (or “OBRA93”) contained two major provisions affecting charities and their donors by introducing the "substantiation" and "disclosure" requirements.

Joint Cost Allocation

Joint Costs of Multi-purpose Activities. This is the subject of AICPA Statement of Position No. 98-2.

Nonprofit Omission Errors

A study performed by Jeffrey J.

PATH Act Makes Permanent Several Popular Provisions which Promote Charitable Giving

On December 18, 2015 the President signed the PATH Act (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act).

Planning a Fundraising Event? The Devil is in the Details!

As if planning for a fundraising event, such as a silent auction or an annual dinner, wasn’t already one of the busiest times on the calendar for a charity organization, there is the required recor

Pledges Receivable: Explaining the Basics to Your Development Department

Pledges receivable can be a point of conflict between the accounting department and the development or fundraising team.


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