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Decision Making Policy Example

ORG Decision-making Policy

To promote making good decisions, ORG adopts the following principles:

  • Decisions that affect the whole organization are not made unilaterally. ORG board and staff will strive to involve the right people in each circumstance.
  • Day-to-day operating decisions are within the purview of staff leaders following an established internal decision-making procedure that, for each decision, establishes clear accountability, authority, time and budget parameters, and an evaluation component.
  • Major decisions require a well-researched proposal that is vetted by an ad hoc group comprising members of senior staff, affected departmental leaders, and selected board members. This group will follow a set of criteria that determine the viability of the project based on its impact on current programs and mission relevance, finances, staff, facility, image, and legal considerations.
  • A precise threshold for what is considered a major decision is not specifically determined herein. This policy trusts that good communication between staff and board leaders will result in the appropriate procedure being implemented and criteria applied.

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