Sheila Amo

The Perry Perspective

Sheila started her career in social work serving and supporting at-risk teens, the homeless, and women in recovery. This critical experience equipped her with the ability to meet people where they are, authentically engage, adeptly deal with change and the discernment not to make every situation about her. For more than 20 years, she’s followed her HR passion leading individuals and organizations to become more strategic and successful by helping them align their values and goals. The combination of first-hand management experience, years spent as an internal HR consultant to various organizations and time spent as a counselor qualify her as a coach-which goes a long way in helping guide transformational change for individuals and organizations alike. Most of her career was spent innovating in the non-profit sector, working her way from an HR Specialist to HR Vice President-and ultimately becoming the Chief Administrative Officer-overseeing several administrative functions. These experiences enabled her to build a solid track record in strategic planning, motivating and developing talent, creative problem-solving and leading with grace and grit.